Essential Plugins and Themes for Creating a WordPress Website That Isn’t a Blog

It might seem strange to use WordPress to create a traditional type of website, one which has a fixed home page and doesn’t include a blog. However, if you are already familiar with WordPress, or you want to make use of the countless themes and plugins available for the software when creating a traditional non-blog website, we totally understand why you would want to use WordPress for this purpose.

Being able to tap into the shared knowledge of the large community of WordPress users and its burgeoning ecosystem is another benefit of using this software that can’t be overlooked.

So in today’s post we are going to look at some useful plugins and themes you can install on your brochureware or non-blog website, which will make it easier to manage, add some essential features, and generally look and work better. Continue

Handy WordPress Image Plugins and Tools to Save You Time and Effort

Including images in your blog posts has many benefits including helping to break up the to text to make your content appear more inviting, allowing you to better illustrate the points are you making, show off a place or product, or simply give your blog a more professional look. After all, if a picture says a thousand words, you might as well spend a bit of time finding or crafting the right image for your posts. Continue

Why & How to wisely use WordPress plugins for your site

How often do you look at your WordPress plugin directory and ask yourself these questions: “Am I using too many plugins?”, “Are there any of them that seem excessive and should be removed?”, “Do these plugins affect my site’s security, speed or performance?”. If not, then I advise you to.

It can not be denied that WordPress plugins help adding up to our site’s functionality without altering much of the core structure. This is extremely useful for any non-coder out there who don’t want mess up with coding but still afford to add all kinds of nuts and bolts features to their sites. However, troubles come when we unknowingly integrate too many nonessential or even harmful plugins that may drag our site down. Continue

The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Due to WordPress being used to power so many different types of websites, it can be easy to overlook its more humble beginnings as a blogging platform. While WordPress is used increasingly as a CMS these days, with some predicting its eventual move towards being an app platform, for many bloggers it is and will always be their software of choice.

So with that in mind, it’s time to shift our focus away briefly from the eCommerce tools, and app themes that turn your WordPress site into a fully functioning business directories or social networks, and go back to the roots of WordPress with some great plugins targeted at bloggers that aim to help make them more productive, while also making managing their blogs an easier task. Continue

Gamify WordPress with these Points Management Plugins

Allowing your visitors to earn points in exchange for their interactions with your content is a great way to help a community to grow around your website. Points can be awarded for signing up, logging in, posting comments, and even when sharing your content on social networks.

The points system has been pioneered by discussion forums and question and answer websites, where users can earn points based on their levels of activity on the sites, and how useful their input is deemed to be by the community. Continue

5 Awesome WordPress Chat Plugins for a kick-ass support system

Take a look at your site’s support system. Chances are you can be quite content with how it works. Your ticket system runs well, your forum gets vibrant discussions everyday and your contact form is beyond encouraging. But the thing is you might miss visitors who are in hurry, who have no time for submitting a ticket or searching through your document system. This is when live chat systems come in handy. That is exactly what a bypasser or potential customer look for when browsing your site: A real-time or instant conversation experience.

Your existing customers may wait several hours or a day for your solution feedback from forum or ticketing system. Yet any visitor can opt out anytime if they can not find what they are searching for after just a few minutes. Imaging how many leads you may lose just because your online salesperson or the direct line of contact is not right there to provide prompt and accurate answers. It’s time you seriously consider using a proper live chat tool. Continue

10 WordPress Multisite Plugins you Shouldn’t Live Without

One of the very first posts I ever wrote about WordPress was on the topic of Multisite and how to go about setting up a Multisite network with WordPress. Now it’s time to take another look at this powerful feature of WordPress, and get to know some of the plugins that can help make managing your Multisite network a lot more efficient and effective.

While there are many regular WordPress plugins that work on Multisite installations, there are also a large number of plugins that have been created specifically for enhancing a network of this type. In this list we will take a look at a selection of plugins from both camps to help you make the most of this powerful feature of WordPress. Continue

Top 7 Best WordPress Video Plugins

We just released WordPress Learning Tutorial Video Series Check It Now →

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then a video tells a million more. Having videos shared and embedded on your content or site would make your content and site look lively and better present your messages. Youtube appears to be one of the most common sources (besides that we have Vimeo and other video links). In our Youtube video tutorial, we have showed you the 3 simple ways you can do to embed a Youtube video into your content. But there are a lot of things we can do more than just an embedded video. Think about all other options like a video playlist, video slider or video background. Continue

The Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress

Notification bars can be a powerful way to grab the attention of the visitors to your site and let them know about an offer you are running, a product you are promoting, or a key piece of content on your site. More advanced notification bar plugins can even allow you to display social media buttons, newsletter sign up forms, and RSS feed content to name just a few options. These plugins often give you a wealth of settings for customizing their appearance, and also how they function on your site, such as which pages they are displayed on and more.

Today we will take a look at some of the most well-known and popular options available, in order to help you decide which one best meets your needs.


8 Free Useful WordPress Plugins for your website

There are thousands of plugins out there, both free and premium, that could help to push up performance for our WordPress site and make life easier. Today I would like to share with you 8 simple yet useful plugins that you can count on for your site. All developed by our staff and free to use.

I also share the code that I have used, in case you want to build one for your own based on the WordPress guide.


WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question and Answer version 1.2.0 released

WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer has been updated to the latest version 1.2.0 with regular bug fixes and improvements. If you missed our last release of the 1.1.9 version, you can read about it on our blog.

Note: always remember to back up your site and note down any custom code you have made before proceeding to any update. If you face any difficulty, feel free to ask us for support at our Q&A support page.


WordPress Q&A plugin DW Question & Answer Pro v1.1.9 now supports User profile

Howdy, everyone!
Let’s welcome the latest update of our all-time favorite WordPress plugin DW Question & Answer version 1.1.9.

To admit it, it’s been a while we have not made any major updates to the plugin DW Q&A, nonetheless, we always provide active support for bug fixes on our Question & Answers page. But that’s for 2017, for the upcoming time we plan to upgrade and enhance our DW Q&A plugin with a bunch of great features enabling DW Q&A plugin to be more flexible. Continue

Preview : DW GDPR plugin


On May 25th, 2018 the GDPR comes into force and we have been getting a lot of queries from our members regarding the same. To make things easier for our members we are developing a GDPR plugin for WordPress sites. A centralized place for site users to view, edit and understand how their submitted data is processed by the site owners. Here is the preview and with your feedback, we will improve as we move towards stable release. Continue

New DW Question & Answer plugin version 1.4.6 is released with many improvements

Howdy everyone!
Let’s welcome the latest update of our all-time favorite WordPress plugin DW Question & Answer version 1.4.6.

To admit it, it’s been awhile we have not made any major updates to the plugin DW Q&A, nonetheless, we always provide active support for bug fixes on our Forum page. For the upcoming time we plan to upgrade and enhance our DW Q&A plugin with a bunch of great features enabling DW Q&A plugin to be more flexible. Continue

How Changing WordPress Theme Affects SEO


How do you feel when you stumble upon an attractive website? Don’t you get tempted to come back to your website and change its theme? With the availability of content management systems (CMSs) like WordPress that offers a plethora of themes to choose from, you can fulfil that temptation easily. There are hundreds of free and paid themes oozing with creativity that will definitely suit your taste as well as your website’s requirements.


Best WordPress Blogs to Subscribe

WordPress Blogs

When we talk about latest happenings in WordPress we always need to stay updated. For those of you, who are blogger aspirants, they as well need to be updated about almost all the updates. When I say to be updated, I mean in every technological basis, every recent happening and every recent product launching.

These things are achievable and believe me when I say very easily. All you have to do is keep yourself posted with the latest happening through blogs. Follow all the premium blog providers and you’ll see yourself how significantly your knowledge set regarding the WordPress is growing slowly but steadily.