Concrete5 Versus WordPress: The CMS Battle


Whenever we start talking about a Content Management System (CMS), we all have the tendency to start comparing these systems with another system. This doesn’t seem the need however, a healthy comparison can lead you to make better decisions when it comes to the professional ramification of your business through web presence of your business via websites and blog posts. Just to fulfill the purpose, today I present you a clean, healthy comparison of WordPress and Concrete5. Let’s get started.


7 WordPress Trends 2017 You Have To Know!

WordPress is an incredible Content Management System for website content creation and design, cornering over 59% of the market share. 14 years after its initial release, WordPress continues to get better and better with age. What we are doing here is providing you top 7 WordPress trends 2017 you have to know to give you what need to know when building a new WordPress website this year. Are you ready? Now, let’s get started! Continue

WordPress Versus Weebly – Choose The Superior Platform

Content Management Systems (CMS) are applications that enable you to create and manage content in a systematic way. There are a number of content management systems available in the market today. Each one has its own set of rich features that makes them stand out. In this article, I have picked up two popular CMS – WordPress and Weebly. You will get to read a comparative study of both these platforms.


How to Enhance Interaction in WordPress Website


Creating the “perfect” website can mean many things. If there’s a standard to estimate effectiveness, it would be user interaction in WordPress Website. Many site owners wonder about the people who visit your WordPress website, read you blog and do not comment. Well, all Google Analytics can give you is a number, but what you really need is a reason why your visitors do not leave comments or share your content on social media.


Customized WordPress Templates in Comparison with Premade Templates

wordpress templates

WordPress has proven to be a popular content management system for businesses and individuals because of the sheer level of control and accessibility. For many WordPress users, they are content with using premade WordPress templates, whereas those with higher budgets might be tempted to consider a custom design. Both approaches offer distinctive advantages that are vital to discuss in this decision-making process.


WordPress Vs Drupal – Which Platform is The Better?

WordPress VS Drupal

Web development has been on a constant rise ever since we can think about it. Most of the web developers resort to content management systems for making the desired changes to their websites quickly and easily. They provide a much better and economical option than spending heavily on developing a custom website. Talking about content management systems, there are not many options to choose from. However, choosing the best among them can be a tedious job. This post will compare two of the most famous CMSs that are available right now. They are WordPress and Drupal.


10 Best WordPress CV Themes for 2017

WordPress CV Themes

The very first impression that you make on the potential HR manager is through your CV. It determines your capabilities and competency towards specific job profile. This means a resume is one of the most crucial aspects that takes just two minutes to decide whether it’s worth exploring or not. In this competitive digital world, you can’t restrict yourself when it comes to creating a professional-looking CV-based website to describe your education, expertise and working experience. To help you get the most out of it, we bring you the list of 10 most beautiful and user-friendly WordPress CV themes that will help you build a resume based website, without any coding.


Top Exquisite and Enticing WordPress Themes for Writers

WordPress Themes for Writers

Writing as a profession has evolved a lot in the past few decades. The shift from the physical paper medium to the online one has been a humongous one. However, apart from simplifying things for the writers, it has also brought a lot of challenges for them. The quest for trying to be better than your competitors or rivals has provoked the writers to implement innovative and creative design approaches. Continue

Five Must-Have Keys to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is a great platform to express yourself and show the world what you’re thinking about. It’s an amazing place to start your very own blog, but it can also be a place where you can make money. It all depends on what you have in mind. If you want a simple blog that people will visit to learn a bit more about you, then it’s a good idea to try to make money elsewhere. However, you might manage to make a bit this way. Otherwise, we assume that you’re interested in creating a space where you’ll be able to make a profit. This article is oriented towards people like that. So here are things you need to take care of and think about if you want to make money with WordPress.


40+ Impressive & Responsive Education WordPress Themes 2017

There are numerous online learning website and knowledge bases on the internet. Their aim is to share their knowledge. Some of the education based websites offer online training and learning courses. But how to find the most suitable WordPress theme to attract your students and audiences? It’s not an easy task! If you too want to share your knowledge, here are some of the best options for you. Here is a list of 40+ Impressive and Responsive Education WordPress Themes what you need. You’ll also find the themes for Kindergartens, Primary, University, also for creating and selling courses online. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Continue

Introducing DW Shortlinks – Free WordPress Plugin to Create Short & Clean URLs

In the process of building WooBeginner – a side project of DesignWall related to WooCommerce. We have decided to develop a plugin for WordPress called DW Shortlinks to create inbound & outbound links but still use your own domain. At the same time, you can tracking how many clicks on that link. After complete, we decided to release it for free on to contribute more to the WordPress community. And to help those who have the same needs are able to use and add more ideas to make this product become impeccable.

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Greatest Paid Membership WordPress Themes

Greatest Paid Membership WordPress Themes

A professional-looking web presence has become indispensable for online businesses to compete in the marketplace. But It is not easy to find out the most suitable theme for your web! Today, I’ll present to you a collection of the best paid Membership WordPress Themes. These themes are specially built for creating membership blogs and websites. Using these themes, you can customize the membership blog, sell your book online, sell some kind of software and whatever you want. Continue

WordPress Vs Concrete5 , Which Is the Best?

Concrete5 and WordPress are two popular and sophisticated CMS platform that lets you create your website easily. If you want to create your website, and you’re left to choose between the two powerful platforms, you need to compare their features to be more obvious on the right choice to make. In this write-up “WordPress Vs Concrete5”, we are going to be comparing some of their relevant features like SEO, design options, support, etc.


WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES: Basic Things About WordPress

If you’re new to WordPress and you want to know more about it, this write-up “WordPress for Dummies” will go a long way in showing you some of the vitals things you need to know.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It was founded on May 27, 2003, by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. WP is released under the GPLv2 license of the Free Software Foundation. Initially, WordPress uses a single coding bit to improve the typography of content writing. Since then it has increased to be one of the biggest self-hosting tools for blogging in the world. It is seen by millions of people each day and used by millions of websites.