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Creating Links in WordPress


Creating Links in WordPress

Creating links in WordPress is a breeze. It’s as simple as highlighting the word you want to to serve as a link, clicking a button, and then simply pasting in the URL of where you want the link to bring your user to.

It’s generally understand that providing useful and meaningful links is a good thing, right?

Google certainly thinks so, this is why they award sites with a substantial amount of meaningful links which aren’t “garbage” with higher ranking in their search results.

If your site has useful, pertinent links to the content which your viewers seek, you’re much more likely to rank higher in S.E.O. than if not. It’s that simple. Google wants people to find good results when using their services and they’ve created an algorithm to help identity good sides.

The algorithm changes from time to time as Google works to improve their search results, but just know that good content in the eyes of Google has good text, images, and meaningful links for the user.

This is why it’s tremendously important for you to learn how to create and manage links quickly and easily within the WordPress framework. Creating Links in WordPress.

Using and getting familiar with the text editor will allow you to create links amazingly quick so that you get more work done in less time.

Although you generally want to embed content such as videos into your WordPress site so that your users don’t have to navigate away, sometimes you simply have to. That’s why you should go ahead and get the hang of creating links as you Learn WordPress.

That’s why the team here at:


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has put together this resource for you so that you can quickly learn how to manage your content and move on to the other important aspects of your life.