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Edit an Existing Post In WordPress


Edit an Existing Post In WordPress

We think you’d agree when we say sometimes you need to Edit an Existing Post.

Now we’re going to talk about doing just that, editing an existing post. There are many times and circumstances in Content management where we need to edit existing content to something that is more suitable. Times like this might include but are not limited to:

  • We’ve made a mistake,
  • Information was not accurate,
  • Information was time sensitive,
  • The policies have changed,
  • Our content is changing
  • etc.

WordPress gives us many options and ways to work with the Admin Dashboard when it comes to editing an existing post.

We’re going to give you a quick summary of these features and options in this video. By the end of it you should be able to quickly and easily find content, edit it, update it, and then publish it.

There’s an option located in the top right of your main work area which allows you to quickly filter for the content you’re searching for if you know the Post Tags or Post Categories. You can also choose which columns you’d like to display using the screen options on this screen as well. There’s also a really useful option that allows you to view Posts via the default view or the excerpt view which grants you access to additional information without having to open up the WordPress Editor.

Located below the the name of the post is also additional features which allow you to Quickly Edit, Full Edit, View, or Delete the post. This allows you to work quickly and precisely with your WordPress Editor to update your content.

There are also features such as the Make this Post a Sticky Post which allow you to keep the Post at the top of the screen regardless of whether or not you’ve made more recent Posts. There are tons of other useful tools, tricks, and shortcuts with WordPress Post editing so you’ve just got to continue watching and reading here at:


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