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Managing Comments in WordPress


Managing Comments in WordPress

Here we’ve created a guide to managing comments in WordPress.

They’re used to engage visitors

Important feature because they allow you to do a few things with WordPress features:

  • Respond
  • Interact
  • Share their own thoughts
  • Share their own Questions
  • Provide Links
  • Generate discussion
  • Or simply compliment you for a well written post.

We’re often surprised by the things that come out of comments. If you think about it, there are entire platforms such as Reddit which base their “entire” platform off of comments.

People love being heard.

You should give your sites viewers to comment as often as you can because they generate community for your site and allow people to voice their questions, concerns, and discuss the various aspects related to your content.

Here at Design Wall, The Home of WordPress:

We’ve made a video which we hope will help to explain to your the various aspects of comments which you should contemplate, and the ways in which you can quickly and easily manage them.

Managing them is super important because if your site has a substantial amount of traffic then you definitely want a way to quickly filter out the spam or discussion which isn’t productive for your site’s content.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you:

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