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Custom Navigation Menus In WordPress


Custom Navigation Menus In WordPress

Within not only WordPress but web developer having a simple and easily understand navigation menu is a key factor to the success of your site. We’ll explain how to create Custom Navigation Menus.

Can’t we agree that if the content your user is looking for is difficult to find and isn’t easily distinguishable from the rest of the content than your user is more likely to click away?

In this video we’ll talk about how easy it is to customize and create your own menu to help your users quickly and easily move through your site to find the content they’re searching for.

By the end of this short three minute video you’ll Learn WordPress development just a bit more professionally.

There are certain rules and styling guides which you should probably stick to when creating your navigation menu’s but we’ll talk about that on another page. These concepts are closely related so it’s best that you go ahead and get yourself familiar with them.

This page is dedicated to simply getting you familiar with the how to create a custom menu, and social media links so that you can help guide your users to the content they’re searching for and best highlight the work you’ve done.

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