DW Argo has three menus: Main menu (primary menu), Content menu (secondary menu) and Footer menu.

menus on home page
Position of Menus on Home Page

1. Primary Menu Configuration

Step 1 Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Menus to create a new Menu.

create new menu
Create New Menu

Step 2 Add items to menu

  • On the left column, click on items you wish to use.
  • Drag each item into the order you prefer.
  • Click on “Primary Menu” in Menu settings.
add items to menu
Add Items To Menu

Step 3 Move to Manager Locations Tabs to select theme location.

Select Primary Menu
Select Primary Menu

Front-end Appearance

frontend of main menu
Front-end Appearance of Main Menu

2. Content Menu Settings

Step 1 Create a new menu named ” Content Menu “

Backend Setting of content menu
Content Menu Settings

Step 2 Go to Appearance >> Menus >>Content Menu, then add items to menu

Step 3 Select theme location

select location for content menu
Select Theme Location

Front-end Appearance

content menu
Front-end Appearance of Content Menu

3. Footer Menu Settings

Step1 Create “Footer” menu

Step 2 Log in to Admin Panel >> Appearance >> Menus >> Footer Menu, add items to menu

create footer menu
Create Footer Menu

Step 3 Select theme location for Footer menu

select theme location for footer
Select Theme Location

Front-end Appearance

Frontned of footer menu
Front-end Appearance of Footer Menu